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Thread: Question for newer gm truck owners

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    What temp does your vehicle run while idiling after 30 minutes of driving in stop and go traffic? My denali went up to 220 today.I checked the coolant and it was full. I am just curious because my lexus runs alot cooler than my denali. I hate having my truck at the dealership cause they like to mess with my tv's and system. I would rather fix it myself if I have a problem. Just curious....

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    All them newer GM's will run 220 in heavy traffic on these hot days in AZ
    with the air on, mine will creap up there but as soon as i get moving it goes back down to the 190-200 area,

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    I've got the 5.3...runs 190 normally but heavy traffic or uphill in 3rd towing it will climb to 210-220. Goes back to normal pretty quick though.

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    My 03 6.0 litre HD runs at 210 consistently. My buddy has an all aluminum LS1 in his sand car and it runs at 210-220 also. I think all of the aluminum motors run in that temp range.

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    Yep what mudpumper said. Last year towing my 30 ft travel trailer home I was working it pretty hard going up the hill on the 40 heading up to Moutain Springs road and I got it to 240 but when I backed out of it it came right back down to 210.

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    Phat Daddy
    Yeah, my XL gets up there around 220. I took it into the dealer awhile back for that and they replaced the fan and a few other things. Don't know if it needed it but it was covered by my warranty, still runs the same.

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    05 Escalade ESV 6.0, 205/210 all the time. Never tow anything, just cruise. It stays in that temp range all of the time. 205 down the hill, 210 up the hill, it's very stable. Same in the 115 degree heat, just more fan clutch.

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    Put a different thermostat in it if your worried about it. I would say 210 in a newer chevy is norm.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    You should Buy a Ford !!!

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    He said its running hot... AT LEAST ITS RUNNING.

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