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Thread: new interior pics

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    You better watch that cat. He's eyein your new seats to do some claw work if you know what I mean. Looks good bro. Clean and simple.

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    What did that run you for the interior and what all did they redo?

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Loooks good Chad !!!

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    What did that run you for the interior and what all did they redo?
    Everything got re-done. The boat only had paint on it and gauges. He made the back seat frame, sub-floor, side panels, front kick panel, and covered two fiberglass bucket shells. Plus he carpeted from the front to the back. (except under the motor) For the sub-floor and the back seat he used a 3/4in plywood, copper nathinated (sp) the wood. The side panels were made out of 3/8 plywood. For everything top to bottom including materials, and stainless steel hardware was $1,500. (squirtin) Thank you.

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