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Thread: need a new pool

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    moving to our new home, and need a built in pool!! anyone got any hook ups? we wanted a rock pool, but the funds right now are for a basic, well unless we get a really goodddddd deal!!

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    Boat Ride
    MAY 28, 2005
    On the E - ROW
    Music, & a *Filtered* blow up pool
    *pool may hold up to 25 people at one time*

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    ok, will do......

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    I imagine ROZ could answer a lot of your questions

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    I'm sure Roz could take of you guys, he built a buetiful pool at his house.
    You know on second thought you might wanna rethink going with Roz, by the time he gets done with your pool you and Jim will be just bairly able to get around with walkers
    You should really talk to Roz, I'm sure he coulds point you the right direction

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