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Thread: Rio Buena Vista (Needles)

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    Anyone have a place in Rio Buena Vista in Needles?

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    New to the site, but saw your question. Located this address doing a search for rentals. Give it a shot.

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    We looked there..they are so cute! But there were no waterfront homes available! Are there any now? :smile:

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    No water fronts left, but we bought one on the golf course. I think all but 1 or 2 are sold, and the 1-2 are interior. I was just wondering if any other members had a place out there. Ours will be finished in Oct.
    As far as rentals go, I have no idea if there are any.

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    Thanks sweetie! :clover:

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    yes we have a home there also, water front and last I herd only 1 interior lot left. congrats on the house Im sure you will love it!

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