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Thread: Bo or Carrie--Whos going to win

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    Bo should win. But don't forget about the blonde factor.

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    Bo Knows!!! awesome..I only saw the one where he went acapella..he rocks! Lynard skynard wants to do an album with him as well..thats gnarly!

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    Who f'n cares?

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    Who f'n cares?
    Ed Zackery! :crossx:

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    Who are these people you speak of......Bo and Carrie?

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    Who f'n cares?
    I concur...and also the same about Lynard skynard

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    Bo should....but Simon says Carrie.....both will make it BIG...

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    I concur...and also the same about Lynard skynard
    That show is just another way for corperate record company's to shove their shitty bands down our throats. **** American Idol.

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    I like the show, It's a great way for some kids to get a start in the industry if they have what it takes. I think it doesn't matter who wins they both should do well(Look at Clay Aikens) Actually Bonsail(sp) the 3rd place girl should do quite well also. They were all three very strong.
    I think Bo will squeak by Carrie, we will see.

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