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Thread: NEED HELP, Steering wheel very tight

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    Wet Dream
    I got the boat into the garage today and while doing a check on everything, I noticed that the steering cables are in desperate need of a lube job. No shit, it took all the force you can think of to turn the wheel stop to stop. Is there a good way to lube the cables? I noticed that last summer it would be a little tight until it was put into the water and then would loosen up a little, but now its bad. Give me suggestions please.
    Thanks, Bill.

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    my suggestion is to switch over to rack steering it is not that bad in price and I think you will be very happy with it. I did it on my jet a while back and right after I did they came out with a tilt wheel version. That would have been sick.

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    Chestah Cheetah
    I was reccomended to use chain lube in the cables. Let it drip down 'til it comes out of bottom end.

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    replace it .I did to mine this month a whole rack and pinion set up w/ a galvinized cable cost me 200 but you can find cheaper.(i really needed everything)but you can probably get away changing just the cable for around 150(galvinized)they usually last me up to 4-5 years.

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    Wet Dream
    Should I remove everything and shoot lube into it or what?

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    Your steering cable is shot. Replace cable is the cheapest solution, if it's still in production. May have to change the helm and the cable if not.

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    Wet Dream
    I waas afraid you guys were going to lead me to this.

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    No worries Wet Dream. I did my shift and steering cables last year. Mine was a little tough to get out because I have very little room.
    If you have the old Ride Guide rack like I do don't listen to everyone that says you have to change everything because the cable is not available. You can still get the cable from Mercury for around $130 or you can get the very same Mercury cable from CP Performance for about $170 ;-)

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    I have heard that when it comes to steering:
    "When in doubt, change it out!"
    Steering is something you definitely don't want to have a problem with. The time you need it you could have a problem. I think it could cause a much too dangerous situation. Just my opinion!

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    Yup for sure on the Dangerous.......This summer I was in a marina on the ST Lawrence river. I pulled into a dock. I had to turn a little and poof no steering....WTF This is on a old V-Drive. With no reverse. This uses cloth line pulleys???? It was to loose and popped off.

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