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Thread: Desert Storm Poker run Video

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    Anyone order this or seen clips of it?

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    Jezus, not for $40 I haven't...not like Martin Scorcese made it or what not...Damn that's a lot for a "rock u mentary"

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    I ordered it...hope it gets here by Thursday for some Memorial Viewings...

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    Let me know your review... They have paypal dont they?

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    Dam Mike your a baller buying 40dollar vids!!!!!!!!!! I might need to come out to parker just to see it.

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    Teague,Pegged DCB,Defrees and our boy Deano...nice!

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    Teague,Pegged DCB,Defrees and our boy Deano...nice!
    Yeah, right before I jumped the gun :hammerhea and than got smoked!

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    $40 and NO teaser sample, WTF ??!! :hammerhea

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    Any ETA on when this video is coming out? I mean how long does it take to make....its been 3.5 months...????

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    The video is complete, I'm going to look at it tomorrow. Wish it hadn't taken so long but such is life. Each participant gets it for free, and the $40 we're asking on the Lakeracer store is cheap for such a small production. It's not like people will buy thousands of them.
    I have a teaser up on and the event photo's are posted there.

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