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Thread: CONTENDER? Anybody Watch!

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    I Hope Peter Manfredo Whoops up on the other dude. Should be a good fight.

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    I have watched it from the first show and I am on the same page as you. The last couple fights have been some serious battles. Looking forward to tonight.

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    Yeah, I have been watching the show too. I'm hoping Peter takes it also. The rematch between him and Alfonso a couple of weeks ago was brutal. Alfonso's face was jacked up after that fight. :hammerhea

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    As an old fight fan, this is my very favorite show. Nancy goes in the other room every Sunday night when it came on. I haven't told her yet that tonights final is 2 hours. I don't care who wins tonight, I wanted Jessie to win...

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    CA Stu
    Manfredo won it.
    Or The Latin Snake did.
    I haven't seen it yet.
    If I was to bet, I'd go with the Snake. Seems to be quicker.
    However, Manfredo is coming off a longer rest period...
    I'm sticking with the Snake.
    CA Stu

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    It's been cancelled for next season.

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    I thought was doing well. Surprised they cancelled it.
    It's been cancelled for next season.

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    They cancelled it? Damn it, that show is great.

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    All IN
    Great fight--The Latin Snake won the fight

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    They both had the same amount of rest time.............the actual production has been done for months. They allowed the fighters to train for tonights live fight.

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