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    Can anyone advise a shop in or around Riverside/Corona that does good paint work? It is getting to be time for my boat to be re-clear coated, as it is getting a little thin. I dont want to take it to some idiot that is going to do a crappy job, so if anyone has any info or recommendations, it would be a big help...thanks!!! -Dick Danger out.

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    house of colors

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    there's a place in Stanton (OC) I think, on Katella Ave that is supposed to be the best around. I'm sure someone knows the name of it. I heard they're pricey but worth it.

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    Pricey is okay, as long as they do solid work. If anyone knows the name....???

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    Orange County Boat Repair is in Stanton, on Monroe ave. Phone # is 714-827-6247. Talk to Salvador.

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