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Thread: havasu springs ass chewing

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    gotta share this ,2 weekends back we went in the boat to springs for a ice cream for the kids,no where to park so i pulled in the fuel spot,the other 3 spot were free and no one getting gas,no biggie.I never left the boat,kids went in with wife,5 minutes later they were out.My wife wanted to go back in to but a bikini,my guess 50$,cool I said.NOOOOO,some dick came running out told me to get gas or move my F,,ing boat,he said how we gonna make money with you there,I calmly said theres no one waiting and my wife is spending money!,,he chewed my ass out more,so I told to him relax I we will take our money elsewhere.......Heres the great thing,I spend somewhere around 2000$ there last couple of years,gas,hotel,rv sites,beer ,eating at the resturant,even in the winter,Im even on the waiting list for a summer rv spot...So lesson learned,not another dime will be spent there,screw those idiots,my money will go elsewhere.My biggest regret was not going inside and getting 1 dollars worth of gas and never pumping it,just to make me feel good.Thats all,just venting with a smile

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    The world is overloaded with idiots, what can ya' do ?? :messedup:

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    The world is overloaded with idiots, what can ya' do ?? :messedup:
    I'm ONE of them!! :shift:

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    That sucks RR,what kind of boat do you have?

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    05 deckboat,it was funny,nobodys happy anymore!,,whatta ya gonna do,his day was worse than mine!

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    nice boat. Are those rims standard or upgrade on the trailer? Nick

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    thats the way ity outta here,be in havasu by 6!

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