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Thread: Marina Staging And Burnouts Return To Ming!!!

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    Dave Sammons
    At least they did at the end of the program last Saturday!!
    Got to be a part of a neat deal last weekend when my brother Rolf set up a chance for myself, Dick VanBeenan, Ray Capaldi and himself to launch in the marina and go to the hold rope during the "Dash For Cash". This hasn't been done in 11 years! Unfortunately Capaldi was broke at the time, so Mike,(forgot his last name), in Ray's old 73 Hondo now called Big Red 1, filled in. It all went smooth and we got paired up and turned around quickly. These shots are of me and Rolf, should be getting a few of Dick and Mike, I'll post'em when I get'em. Sure wish we could go back to the "Good ol' Days"
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    Here's my brother coming out...He capped off the weekend with a win in the 9:50-10:00 class.

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    daddy b
    The marina launch was soooo cool in the old days!!! That gave much more of an on the line, up close feeling, as they lauched and drove by the crowd. I think this could add the spark needed for drags to become popular again as a spectator sport. My 2 cents, and I do attend most meets as a spectator. The sound of thunder, the smell of good fuel, and a couple of boat hops along the way. daddy b

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    yes, the marina launch was the chit. i remember some guys overdoing it and gettin in trouble on the way to the line. Classic. Bring it back!!!

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    Hey Dave.. thats awesome!! Lake Ming has so much history it's SICK!! I hope the Drag boats come back around to again, or even on the west coast. Low boat counts at these races are not good for the sport. I dont see people wanting to put money into a race team to match off with the same couple guys every week.

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    ....blast from the past, revisited! How cool!
    Why'd they stop doing it that way?
    Hey Dave...good to finally meet you in person. Looked like you guys were having a good ol' time there. Nice way to end the weekend!

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    it was nice to meet you dave.
    jr the new guy.

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