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Thread: Another trip to ER

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    Hello. Just thought I would share My week with ya. I came home from work on Monday not feeling to hot. laid down on the bed to rest a spell around noon, and ended up being revived by my wife when she got home from work around 4. appears i had passed out from not getting oxy to my lungs. she took me to the ER and again i passed out on the way, spreading breakfast all over myself. 5 hours of testing and treatments found i had walking pneumonia .
    I now am restricted to bed untill friday where i see the doctor again. All this 1 week before we are scheduled to take our first Alaska cruise. damn bad timing. You can bet im doin everything to get better by saturday.
    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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    sorry man...hope you get to make your cruise :wink:

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    they have a sick bay on cruise ships right ? lol

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    Man, that stinks!!!

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    Sounds like what I am dealing with. The doctors keep telling me it is allergies and asthma.

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    when i got to the ER i could not breathe and was coughing every breath i was trying to take. they made me wear a mask rso i would not spread Finally gave me some breathing help with some kind of gas. opened up my passage and could breathe then. now i have meds and an inhaler 3 times a day. oh well, if it will get me better

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    That is F'ed up... Hope all is well with you by now... Get well soon..
    It really is some crazy SH1T.

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    Sorry to hear about this. That sucks!!!
    A cruise is just what you need. Good luck.

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    dude that sucks, you better do (EZACKLY)what the doc says so you can make that cruise!
    Good luck to ya..

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    Sorry to hear that. Get better soon.... and stay off the boards :wink: It doesn't help you get better :wink:

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