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Thread: Has anyone seen my brush?

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    He's sporting the "I just got my finger out of a lightbulb socket" look. For an old ugly mofo he gets some good lucking women. Anyone see his girlfriend on the news? The woman's death he is charged with was laso a hottie. He either has way too much money or a 14 inch personality.

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    when you got that kinda money you can afford to look like an asssss. :yuk:

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    think my keyes are in that mess ???
    Maybe even your car.

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    Dave C
    I thought the 80's were over?

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    I thought the 80's were over?
    This could be a desperate attempt to bring them back.

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    okay, I confess. who the hell is that-? looks like a dyke junior hi school

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    The real Willy Wonka.

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    HEY Buckwheat! Looks like Phil jacked your hair!

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    looks like he tried to pull a "something about mary" just went way wrong! :supp:

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