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Thread: Lake Sam Rayburn this weekend!

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    who is going and where will you guys be hanging out?
    we usually do Rattlesnake Island but i understand there are some other places where the Hot Boats go!

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    hi F26,
    if the weather holds we plan on coming up saturday for the day. if it turns off bad we will try sunday.
    we just got about 45 minutes of heavy rain & lighting. we needed it badly !
    snake island is the usual hang out,but if they line em up for some runs it has been over around plum ridge cove area. it is west of the island up past ebenzer. if the island is too crowded & the TPW r watching it we move over to the ebenzer side.
    we don't have a hot boat, but will be in a chris craft scorpion blue bottom w grey sides,white sunbrella & thru hull exhaust also be with a 26' all white cabin cruiser.
    what is your ride ?

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