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Thread: So When Does Memorial Week End Start?

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    I get a call this morning from a good friend cancelling lunch because he decided to head for the lake. Thats the second one this week. Most of us leave Thursday AM, now things are moving up to Wednesday AM. Just how long is Memorial Day Week End anyway. Many (many) years ago, I couldn't leave until 5PM on Fridays and had to be at work at 8AM on Tuesday. Now we don't even leave the lake until Tuesday. Doesn't that make it about a 7 day week end?

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    That sounds about right!!

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    I got screwed on thursday so..Im leaving friday @ noon till tuesday..when I sober up :crossx:

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    Wild Horses
    It all depends upon how much vacation you have, this applies to the working stiff. :220v:

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    I always take the Thursday and Friday before off

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    Mrs. casean
    Today at 5 for me Leaving bright and early tomorrow... you all have a safe weekend!

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    Mine start Thursday at 500 (normally off fridays) and will continue til sunday June 5

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    I leave umm... now sounds good! Today at noon til Tuesday. No traffic and a kick ass couple of days in the stoker then retire to the poontoon for the weekend, so I can relax and not worry too much about the yahoo's!!!
    Hope to meet some of you guys this weekend, if not be safe and see ya on the boards next week!
    I'll have the solid black GREAT DANE with me!

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    Today at 5 for me Leaving bright and early tomorrow... you all have a safe weekend!
    Shoot you got me beat by a 1/2 hr... but I am only 3hrs away.

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    my weekend starts Thurs when I get off, and I leave Fri morn, 5 a.m. sharp....
    What do you think the chances are of me getting up 4 21-23 yr old female college students to leave at 5 am on Friday morning ??? :argue:

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