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Thread: Please help diagnose 455 olds problem!

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    Hi all,
    I took the 455 olds Rogers out last weekend. I recently got a brandnew BIGS tuned Holley 750 DP on it. And the first part of the day everything was fine; however towards the end this is what happened. As I am getting to higher RPMs like 3500~4500 It seems like the boat is running out of gas. It just stops pulling and sometimes even dies. It's like its having a hard time keeping RPMs up. It fires right back up when I try to start it though. I thought it might not be getting enough fuel because I have a 30 year old fuel pump on it. But now i'm thinking it could be a timing or too much fuel issue. I have a stock distributer on her. I have an hei lying around. I hvaen't put it in yet. If you guys think it is a timing or ignition issue. Can you guys walk me through how to put in the HEI and set the timing up correctly. I really need to get this figured out because I am going to Shasta this weekend. Thanks a million in advance.

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    Are you running a fuel filter? If so id check to make sure its not clogged. I would upgrade your fuel pump, wouldnt want to lean that motor our so your better off with a good 110-140gph pump. Cant go wrong with the HEI, just transfer the wires from one cap to the other, make a mark on the intake were the rotor is and the base of the distributor is so you'll be close and drop it in. Id DEFINATELY check the timing regardless, should have around 32-36 deg total to start.

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    My bet is on fuel starvation. Had a pump go sour on my 454 in '02 that was circa 1978. It pumped leak free, but would not make enough volume for much above 2,000 by the time the day was done. It went progresively south over the span of the day. I finally tested by pulling eth Holley float level plugs and watching as I revved. Fuel was draining out faster than it would fill at much above idle. $175 later to a marine supply house in Ok, I was good to go.

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    Wet Dream
    And put a fuel pressure gauge in the system too.

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