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    Another escapee, this time from N.D. Is this escape thing exploding lately, or are we just hearing about them more through the expanded media? Seems like at least once a week some agency looses a crook out of a lockup. Any LE here know if it has been happening more, or just better reporting? .....MP

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    Too many prisoners man, and not enough guards. Every year we are building more all over the US and they fill up faster than we can build them. My dad gets a lot of contracts doing the AC systems in prisons. He worked on a couple in Fresno. What is crazy is that once the prison was finished, it just sat there because there were no funds to employ a prison staff. This is all courtesy of "The War on Drugs". That is why I say, legalize drugs and get the petty possession and small time dealers out of there. Nobody forces drugs on anyone. Make room for violent offenders, rapists, murderers, child molesters and serial killers. Just my $.02
    Bottom line, prisons are understaffed.

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