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Thread: Swim decks

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    james s
    Anybody know where I might be able to locate a teak swim deck for an Eliminator? Not really intersted in the new aluminum units - still stuck in the 70's I guess!!! Thanks.

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    If your handy with tools it might be easier to make your own. The T.V. show ship shape on speedvision just did a segment on this subject.You should be able to view it online.

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    james s
    Good idea, thanks. Didn't think about going that route. Now, if I can find the wood...

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    james s,
    Check out
    What do you think of that swim deck? I think I can hunt the guy who made it down.
    Contact me at for more info

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    James, you need to contact L & L distributing in Santa Ana CA, I'll post the 800 number Monday for you, I have it at work, they sell teak steps to all the California manufacturers.

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    L&L marines # is 1-800-969-7278, ask for bob.

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