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Thread: Mojave/laughlin 5/26-30

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    Who's going??
    We will be in Gasoline alley Friday,Saturday,Sunday!
    I will be in an 18' pontoon boat on the beach.... with a 5'9 blonde girl. :clover: So come on by and lets have some beers!

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    If my kids go down for a nap the wifey and I will pop our heads in their for a few i will be in a All red 18' ski boat :idea:

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    We'll be there for sure...

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    See you there on Sat and Sun!!!

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    I will be out there also. I tend to stay a little bit out of the middle with an escape Just in case it gets a little too wild I don't want my boat getting banged up. It will probably just be myself and Brenda on my Shockwave Tremor...Here is a pic of it with Brenda and myself on board:
    Were you in Gasoline Alley on Sat the 21st?????? I thought I saw your boat.

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    We'll be out there w/kids. Will pop into G.A. and hang for a little if it's not too crazy.
    Have a good one.....maybe see ya'll out there.

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    We'll be hanging out in the Laughlin Lagoon on saturday then trailer the boat down to Park Moabi sunday to hangout with some friends...Weather Channel says it will be 106 friday, down to 99 saturday and 101 sunday..should be a great weekend...
    You all be safe!

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    When you coming out Joey?
    Heading out tonight Tom, after traffic dies down a bit.

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