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    HELLO how is every one? two ques. how much more rpm would you get with a 150hp shot of nos? and does any one know why world products stoped there marine line they were building long blocks useing merlin blocks but rex marine said they droped there whole marine line? thanks

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    i have heard that for every 25hp you gain 100 rpm.When i finish my nos unit i'll find out for sure i have a 150(super powershot) right now but also have the pro cheater solenoids too 250hp.

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    I just heard yesterday that World shut down this week al together.

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    I bought two sets of world products marine heads last year, first set had the exhaust valve guides machined at a different angle than the seat, how this is possible I'm not sure with valves and springs installed you could see a 1/16th gap on one side of the valve looking through the port. Second set of heads the intake port surface was machined with a twist from front to back obviously set in the mill wrong. The only other thing I bought from them was a pair of merlin valve covers and one of them had a casting hole clear through the aluminum. I got my money back on both pairs of heads and exchanged the valve covers for a good pair. They where very helpful in making corrections and willing to admit there mistakes, they even covered return shipping from CA. This was just my experience with them i'm not trying to start anything because I do know that they have turned out alot of good products, as far as world going out of buisness i'm not sure there web site is still up along with all of there marine products, but it is possible a huge batch of bad product put them under, we'll just have to wait and see.

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    77charger is about right. I gain approx. 400 rpm from a 100 hp nos shot(carb plate with changable jets).
    That would be a real pisser if World Products went under http://free.***

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    How much your rpm changes depends on what impeller you're turning and where you're at on the rpm/hp curve. 100 rpm per 25 hp is a good ballpark with no other info. If you want to use pump curves, the JPC can figure this for you:
    For example, if you're turning a Berkeley "A" at 4700 rpm now, your hp is 328. Adding a 150 shot of juice ups the hp to 478. With 478, the JPC says that "A" will be turning 5330 rpm...for a gain of 630 rpm. Pretty close to the 25/100 rule.
    Of course what you see on your tach will depend on your pumps condition and if your NOS system is actually giving you 150.

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    Originally posted by ULTRA28:
    I just heard yesterday that World shut down this week al together.
    No shit? Man that sucks. Glad I got my merlin block.

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