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Thread: Where is Frenchie?????>>>>

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    Come out Focker!

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    He could be watching TV

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    I now know where he is.
    Taylor, nice to meet you last weekend.

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    I heard that this was his night to model "thongs for dongs" at the Gay and Lesbo Center. The subject was something like 'if she can show it-why can't I".
    Guest speaker is Richard Simmons Modeling his tiger striped strapon.
    Lmao :rollside: :rollside: :smile:

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    Drama school?

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    ">" and Caps-Lock keys are broken on his keyboard, so he can't post.

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    Maybe I should have called this thread " lets pick on Frenchie".
    Tough crowd tonight.

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    I now know where he is.
    Taylor, nice to meet you last weekend.
    What a good weekend

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    Here he is!!!! Have a good weekend all, I'm on my to parker in 50minutes!!!!! Be safe!!!
    :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
    You to Frenchie!

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    M.I.A.......he only has two days 'til Memorial. Wonder if he'll show up? :idea:

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