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Thread: engine paints

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    Has anyone tried painting thier motors with a basecoat/clearcoat type paint. Is the heat too much for the paint to handle?

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    69 Elim
    I use VHT glossy black, but I hear you can get a few more hp if you paint it "fast orange".

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    I paint mine with an acrylic enamel and use a wet look activator and no clear coat and it seems to hold up good and look good. I usually match motor color to one of the colors in the boats paint job. My motors are not covered so if it is a covered motor I don't know how that will effect the paint.

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    I painted mine the 1500 degree paint,dove grey, and rustoleum red on the inside of the block, for better oil draining and no rust, it looks really cool too.

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    Q BALL got to my webshots album listed below I have painted my block,heads,valve covers, and lightning headers with sherwin williams base/clear paint no troubles and close to 100 hrs on it The only place its turning dark is on the header flange itself right up against thr exhaust ports.

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    Brian, thanks for the advice, needed a metallic dark orange but couldnt even come close in spray cans. Ryan

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    I have used both enamal and Base coat clear coat. Both hold up about the same, but I like the fact the 2 stage has a little bit brighter shine... Looks cool when your motor matches your ride!!!!!!!!!!

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    FOMOCO, thanks for the reply, I was just checking so I didn't waste my time if it wouldn't hold up.

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