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Thread: What is your all.......

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    Time favorite movie you own and watch over and over since you bought it???
    Mine are Black Hawk Down, And Scarface
    My kids are Quad Movies and Pegged and Incredibles :rollside:

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    Big Bear
    Lord of the Rings...Return of the King extended version, beyond a shadow of a doubt!!!

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    All three Matrix movies

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    Boat Ride
    Days of thunder

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    I just love watching the video of my wedding. I can't get enough of it. (Honey, have I sucked up enough to get those boat parts yet?)

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    silence of the lambs
    shawshank redemption
    ...don't know where this one fit's in....Happy Gilmore

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    Havasu Hangin'

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    Days of thunder
    Thats my favorite TNT special

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    Top Gun

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    little rowe boat
    Top Gun
    I have to agree,Top Gun.

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