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Thread: If you have kids

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    When was the last time you read them a book? I have been doing it every night for about the last month or so now. It makes me feel good... and the kids love it. I just bought some color and shape, abc, number, and animal books from Sams Club....... we just started those this week.... it has pieces that fit into the book like a puzzle..... each page fits one piece... anyways.. the kids are learning a lot and having fun doing it. Just thought I would suggest to everyone that has kids to take 20 or so mins. out of their night and read to them if you don't already.... or if they are old enough.. have them read to you. Sometimes we forget to do the small things.

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    My son is 15 and I always read to him every-night when he was little. He just took the standardized testing at school and he said he did best in reading

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    Kim Hanson
    Reading to your kids is really good, better than throwing in a video and walking away...that make me think of that TV Show " Dream On " ! Computers are good also though, my neices play games and all kinds of shit off that puter they have and that is a plus to me, since computers are the way life is going now........( . )( . )........

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    The only time I see my son is when he is on Restriction from the right now HaHa

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    Its a great day for UP and those Richard Scarry books were the best. What do People do all day...we used to read to our kids all the time. They get very little TV or videogame time. They both score in the top percentiles.....its one of the best things you can do for em.
    Some of my son's earliest words were "Daddy read a book"......
    I can't the books out of his hands, he reads in the crapper, in the car, all the time. He read Harry Potter on the way home from the Havasu Walmart. I mean like 800 pages in 6 hours....he is wacky to read.
    Good Job Bre, keep it up. The Laura Ingalls books are good reading too. They really learn to look forward to hearing them, and they use their imagination to fill in the scenes....

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    I used to read to my kids every night, but now my 5 year old reads to me and his baby sister. It's amazing really, to see him reading when 9 months ago he barely knew his letters. He's reading like 3rd grade books too, like Curious George and stuff. It's cool because his baby sister would hardly sit still long enough for me to read a couple pages and she'll sit riveted to his every word while he churns through page after page.
    Good post, Bre.
    I'm in the same boat. We would read to my daughter every night now she reads to us. Her little brother already mimics her and pretends like he is reading, and he's only two.

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    When my son was 4 he would read the newspaper to his Grandfather... we were just talking about this the other day

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    Our daughter is 5 1/2 months and she loves for us to read to her. I like to think it is doing her a lot of good, but I think we are the ones getting the most from it.

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    My daughter is 14 and she got read to alot as a youngster. Now she is preety much addicted to reading, a great student who does not procrastinate like both of her parents. We are very proud of her, and I know it had something to do with reading. When I was about 10 or 11 my mom and I read out loud the whole KGV of the Bible. Did it in about a year, a little every day. All the begats, etc, every word outloud. It did nothing for my "salvation" but it made a huge improvement in comprehension etc, that all my teachers noticed, or so my parents tell me.

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    Nurse Wicky reads to our 6 year old nightly. I fill in on occasion.
    My boy is finishing Kindergarten and has tested on the 4th grade level in reading and the 3rd grade level in math. He is now enrolled into GATE program and has a 1 on 1 teacher. I'm a very proud Dad.
    P.S. Boise School District is in the top 20th percentile in all standard test scores.

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