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Thread: Picked up my new boat today first run at Silverwood

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    First Lookhttp://www2.***
    :frown: :frown: :frown:

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    Congrats............Enjoy it!@%$

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    Ok that didnt work like I thought...Still a newby but at lest they are not big red X's.. :idea:

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    Sorry ShockwaveBob that was only my 21 post and the first pic's will play with the pic's and see if I can get them to post up better.

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    Looking good, have fun with the new toy

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    Lets see if this works any better.

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    Thanks ShockwaveBob. Got to try and figure it out. I resized like the instruction said to do. Will try again this make them normal size.

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    One more tryhttp://www2.***

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    Thanks Bob I am a little slow on the up take but with your help I got it. Thanks.

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