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Thread: Bearing Grease

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    1978 Rogers
    I've read many threads about what engine oil to use and how often to lube/grease the thrust bearing. My question is what grease is everyone using? I read in the Berk manual to use Moly Dispholate(something sounding like that) or specific Kendal that I can't find anywhere. Is Mobal Syn grease OK? The book says use grease for extreme pressure and load, hell the back of pretty much every tube says that.

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    Jack says...a grease w/ Lithium in it.

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    I use the red synthetic grease. Stay away from the blue "marine" grease. That stuff gets hard and is useless.

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    We use the red Neo Synthetic. Works great.

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    1978 Rogers
    Does it matter which brand?

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    Neo is about the best you can get.
    NEO (

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    I've been using the Mobil 1 Synth since I got my boat in Feb this year (it was the only Red greade I could find), is it any good for this application or should change?

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