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Thread: OK, it's getting close to being official...

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    Sold the Schiada today and there is a poll going on RRL between a 30' Spectre and a 35' Cig. From the looks of it (and rational thinking) the Spectre is way ahead. Guess I might officially be joining the C&T crew.

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    congrats, all you need to learn is the hand shake, and when someone shows me I'll show you

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    I saw your face last time you drove a cat!!
    Nice rig be carful!

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    I saw your face last time you drove a cat!!
    Nice rig be carful!
    That wasn't a cat, that was a 7 year old and a Ford truck.
    If I go this route I might have to give that Kool Aid hat back to ya (although it did save my life after the crash).

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    Nice.... Welcome aboard..... :smile:

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    Nice.... Welcome aboard..... :smile:
    Nothing official yet and Rod's out of town until after the weekend, but this just seems to make more sense.

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    Congrats Jordy... "almost" welcome to C&T!

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    I rode in Andy's and it is a very nice riding boat. Good luck Jordy

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    Dave C
    sorry Jordy we are all full up over here...
    maybe try a jet boat instead. I hear they love to argue over there..... you should feel right at home.
    Oh wait.. this place is full of sh*t talkers... forget it you will feel right at home!

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    Your gonna have to let me ride in that thing.... Just ask Roger... it is my boat

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