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Thread: Pine Flats this weekend

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    anyone else going ???

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    Sanger Pete
    I was at Pine Flat on Wednesday. Water is high, but not yet full. Water temp is perfect--just refreshing, light wind, big patches of glass. We shared the whole lake with a couple of lice and about 25 fishing boats--bet it will be crowded on the weekend.
    By the way, Kings River west of Reedley is closed to all boating and swimming due to high water levels and low water temps (44* coming out of the bottom of Pine Flat)
    Sanger Pete

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    i was planning to go tomorrow, but have to work instead.
    I will be up there Monday morning early so i can putt around a little before it gets crowded.
    maybee will see you out there

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    got there friday at about 1:00 pm and actually it wasn't that crowded the whole weekend...... of course the ramp at Lakeridge Marina at about 10;00 am looks like a zoo...and interesting too watch with the water being sssooooo high and basically NO TURNAROUND...we watched from the houseboat.....good weekend

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    We were out for a bit on Monday.. water was nice a little choppy but not to bad. Your right though trying to get turned around was a bit of a challenge.
    Another good note we passed 2 sherrif boats and didn't get stopped so i'm guessing there still not enforcing noise laws up there.

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