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Thread: Intake Question

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    I have a bbc 509

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    I have a bbc 509
    i have an Olds 455!

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    Squirtin Thunder
    I have a bbc 509
    I see the question but do you really want me to answer it ????

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    I think we're gonna need a little more info!

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    my computer froze..........
    I am currently running 509 ci in my 21.5 Daycruiser w/jc pump and place diverter
    9 to 1 comp.
    clay smith h-300...570int/570exh
    990 heads w/pocket port
    rpm intake w 850 dp
    indar 4" exhuast
    My last trip out I found a crack in the intake.Since i have to replace it. I was wondering what would be a good up grade. AIR GAP ,SINGLE PLANE ,STEALTH???

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    I would run the Edelbrock RPM Air Gap on the set up you have. p/n EDE7562

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    I love the airgap on my boat.

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    The Air Gap Will Work Well On That Engine. Broskie Has Had Good Luck W/ It On His 468, However..... I Would Step Up A Bit And Run A Victor Jr., I Think Ur On The High Side Of Using The Air Gap, And You Would Be Better Off Running The Victor Jr.

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    Anyone Have A Rect. Port Single Plane Intake?

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    How about just getting it welded?!

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