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Thread: Rooms still available in Havasu for Memorial Day

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    Says there's still some rooms available in Havasu for Memorial Day and More...
    Click Here (
    P.S. not trying to spam ya either... thought some of you could use the info...

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    not a spammer... don't you think its good info to know?

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    Why is it when somone new posts info found on other sites you call it spam? I was telling another member on here the other day about a site and somone said It saw spam too? I see older members on here posting site info all the time and they don't get messed with... Why?

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    I've lived here for 10 years and this is the first ever Memorial Day (Thursday) that everything hasn't been booked up yet. I can't believe it.

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    Yes, I suppose it is. I was j/k.
    Oh ok... I can take a joke

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