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Thread: Hey Camera people...(feedback please)

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    Kodak Easyshare Z740 Digital...?

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    I like mine. Not being a professional it takes good pics.

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    DX7490 is the daddy.

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    Canon 10D link to 10D ( with this printer i9900 ( this set-up will last you along time!

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    I have the dx7590 and I love it. Takes really good pics with a lot of features.

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    Thanks for the feedback... :wink:

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    Its so hard to get good film for these digital cameras. The counter people all look at me like I am stupid. I hate them.

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    Went through many digitals, still have 1 or 2 around for casual pix....but to get the right shot, I've gone back to FILM....SLR w/Zoom Lens...get 'em processed on a CD with a set of prints...

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    Shueman, I don't know why I never thought of getting 35mm processed onto a CD and a set of prints. You just solved my camera problems...
    I have an old Minolta X-700 with four lenses, and I love the camera. All of the reasonably priced digitals that I have seen feel to small in my paws.
    I think I'll go put fresh batteries in the Minolta...

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