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Thread: Boxers

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    Who has had one i never have, and might end up with one its only 2 months old Who's familiar with their temperment and with kids etc....??
    Thanks for the input

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    Mrs. casean
    I don't know from experience, but I think they are so cute! I have heard they are good family dogs. There is one in our neighborhood and that family has a little girl and the dog has been around her all along I believe. So that's a good sign!

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    Who has had one i never have, and might end up with one its only 2 months old Who's familiar with their temperment and with kids etc....??
    Thanks for the input
    ONE OF MY BUDDYS HAS A PUREBREED AND ITS GREAT, THEY ARE KINDA HYPER far as a good dog, he loves people and other dogs and he's three years old..

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    Good family dog. Usually are hyper. Better known as a 50lb lap dog. Love being around people and are not aggressive by nature.

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    I was just at my brothers house last nite playing with his boxer...that damn dog is a spazz..and slobered all over me. They are great dogs...very hyper though.

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    My mom has 3 of them. they are great family dogs. dumb as a box of rocks though. but very loveable and loving.

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    I had 2 of them...and them my best friends have 2 in havasu...they are awesome dogs...Very Loyal and kind with people and very smart. ours use to open and shut doors :rollside: ...However they need alot of attention in the younger years...its almost like they have A.D.D once they hit about 5 they settle down. It is harder to train them in the earlier years then most dogs. I plan on getting another pair here shortly.

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    Great dogs....I had one and he was very dedicated and was intimidating looking. They are also good around kids. The Roxysnow's have two of them I believe.
    Good choice in a dog.
    Not a good water least mine wasn't
    That is true... :rollside: my buddies will get in the wading part of the pool but they dont see the step and fall off....they straight sink to the bottom..

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    Cole Trickle
    My Mom has owned 2 in the past 4 years.
    If you don't have a yard forget it you are looking at the wrong dog.(Hyper is an understatement) :220v:
    Both of her Boxers have been females.The first one was the fawn color and was bar none one of the greatest dogs I have ever been around.Very very sweet and would go out of her way to please anyone.(Sadly someone stole this dog from her back yard in Hollywood :cry: )
    Her current dog is the brindle color and has a very different temprement.The dog is a little iffy around strangers and other dogs.(Much more agressive)She has never bitten anyone but she has scared the crap out of a few people.I think her problem is she is kind of a scaredy cat and freaks out when in unfamiliar surroundings.
    Overal both dogs are awesome and the boxser has become one of my favorite dogs.I think with a yard and a alot of time spent training/disiplining they would make an awesome family pet.
    They are very good at destroying things and act like teenagers when your away from the house.(There curiosity gets them in trouble)

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