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Thread: Upgrade fever, call Melissa @ Essex

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    Well my financing is all done now thank God, thanks Melissa! She also is taking care of Jordy's Cig or cat or whatever he decides on. Give her a call, she can make it happen! 866 377 3948 x 7204

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    Phat Matt
    She took care of me to on the E-ticket.

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    Big Warlock
    You moving up to a Fountain????

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    she took care of me...then the engine blew!!

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    H20 Toie
    they took care of me to but not the best rate but that could have had something to with getting divorced and buying a new house and truck the same week as the boat but at least i got the boat

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    Dealing with Melissa today was painless. I gave her some info and she called back a couple hours later and told me to go find my boat... now I just have to make up my mind. :idea:

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    I think you need a V-Drive Schiada

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    I think you need a V-Drive Schiada
    Hey, that's a good idea. Know of any for sale???

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