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    Can anyone tell me the proper selection of heads in desktop dyno for my rectangle port 325cc runner 118cc open combustion chamber BBC haeds? Casting 14097088. Are these heads any good?

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    14097088 are 91 & up, rectangular port, open chamber, Gen.V 454/502 HO headsw/ a 118cc chamber, basically the new style 990 or 026 heads, great head IMO.

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    just put a set of the 088 on my gen 5 engine. It will be a couple of weeks before I fire it up. I need a carb.

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    Nucking futs
    Thats all great folks but the question is, what should he be inserting in the head section on DTD. My pick would be canted/ oval port because there is no canted/rectangular port stock valve in the selection.You will be pretty close to that, but i would suggest that you ask around and try to find someone with a air flow file on these heads.

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    Good point Nucking ... I just blew by the first line, and read if these were good heads ...
    Kachina ... Nucking is giving the proper answer here ...
    Otherwise, the heads are good heads ...

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    As always thank you for the information. :smile:

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    Jet City
    Use flow data from this link to build a head file in DD2000

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