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Thread: 'pics Of New Fx4...thanx Todd 969!!!!

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    Well thanx to Todd for the great hookup on the new 05' F250, Diesel crew cab FX4!! Im in love with it, amazing to drive and the power is unreal!!! Only thing left is the DVD next week and 3' lift with some new TOYO OPEN COUNTRY on it!!! THnax again Todd!!!!

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    Nice lookin truck Leon. I would go 6" though IMO. I like mine at 6"

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    Eliminator 4 Life
    Congrats Leon I hope you have better luck then I did with the ford I really miss the room in it

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    so you like driving a real truck
    looks good
    but I'm wondering new boat new truck
    are you running drugs over the border

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    How Much Was It....

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    How Much Was It....
    My my...easy there kilr!

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    Eliminator 4 Life
    How Much Was It....
    Dont tell me your having 2nd thoughts about your cheby

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    How Much Was It....
    I know, but wouldn't feel right telling........ I'm sure Leon will.

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    Nice truck... We'll get a better look at it this weekend....

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    Oh I have the ford hook, but the wife loves the cheby interior...
    HOW MUCH...............

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