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Thread: klotz racing oil

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    any one have a conection for klotz 2 stroke oil?

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    pretty hard to find around these parts whatcha running and how many RPMs?i mail order Alyson pro as it is the ultimate if you turn 10,000 rpm in my opinion.Waly world carrys 100% synthetic pennzoil at $20.00 per gallon would be my second choice.

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    96 2.5 efi spacer, heads, had ecu from dennis berry offshore. died replced with ecu from gpi chip got scaned at airport and wiped clean. put the chip from my ecu in the gpi box. the boat has gone 8600 rpm with that chip in the d berry box. still have to go out with the set up the way it is now. previous owner ran klotz and i still have some. im gona run out. runing 100LL av gas. 2000 stv euro shasta 10 , 11, 12. i run merc racing on other boat 10 years. but klotz has been around long time. this motors always been run on it.

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    oh yeah that waly world chits good i hear.

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    make sure that it is 100% synthetic pennzoil outboard two stroke at 32 to 1 ratio and you will be fine at that rpm.wernt you the euro that showed up at boatmasters and you had just drove from out of state to get it?that is a sweet lookin ride!!!!i was there that day with the commercial Isuzu truck pulling my 22 foot stoker.look forward to meeting you at cat should race IHBA with us sometime,i am leaving for drags with mirage river racer this morning.take care

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    You can order it from Klotz, but I got it cheaper here (
    $99 per case + shipping for KL-333

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    I buy Klotz KL-333 from Cheapest I have found.

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    Wow... they're still makin 2 stroke oil??? I raced MX for years in the late 70's/ early 80's and Klotz bean oil was the shizit. You could always smell when someone was using it. Chevron Super Red was another popular oil.

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    i thought you were kidding about the penz oil. you like it ? yes euro that you saw at boatmasters. your new boat looks good those are good running boats . hopefully be at shasta 10,12.

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    the penz 100% syn is good,they make a non syn that i would not run in hi perf motor.did you do the poker run last weekend that started at garlic brothers?we hithed a ride on our friends 35' formula fastech (pack up and boogey).see you at the cat attac k

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