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Thread: Long Beach Boat Parking

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    Hello everyone, Scope has finally pulled it off, As of tomorrow this weekend you will be able to park your boat at the yardhouse docks and go upstairs and eat, drink or whatever. My partner and I have made arangements to secure all 18 docks under the yardhouse. Two years ago these docks were taken away from the public because of loud noise and drinking on the boats. Arangements have been made for us to group rent these docks and then rent them out by the hour for everyone. When you pay for the docks you will be given a discount voucher for the yardhouse and tequila jacks for 10% to offset the cost of the dock. This dockage only works if people respect the area and don't piss of the permanent boater docked there. Please come down there this weekend and give it a try. If you have any questions or want to make a reservation please call my cell at 909-816-1101.
    Also you can talk to me about renting the dock for the full weekend or for the night. :chi:

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    Three Days Only
    Stop beating around the bush..............
    HOW MUCH??????

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    For scope members it is 15.00 for the first hour and 10.00 for every hour after that. For non scope members the first hour is 20.00 and 10.00 for every hour after that. Don't forget that when you dock the scope dockmaster will give you a voucher good for 10% off of your purchase at either the yardhouse or tequila jacks. so if you have a 100.00 food bill you will get back 10.00 of your dock bill. This venture is being done so that the southern california boaters have a place to go and have lunch and use there boat so the docks are ready for you so lets see these boats show up. :rollside:

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    Havasu Hangin'
    How much for the weekend?

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    I think I'll be there!! gonna strap up my back and take it easy and put put around a little around the harbor

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    Be careful of the drunk timeshare sailboat captains , in that little marina
    ( they hit everything ) The dock's a parking brake too them .

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    As for a price for a weekend or for more than a few hours call me on my cell during the day at 909-816-1101. The only thing is with the arangement we have with the city after 600pm the boat has to stay at the dock and can not leave and come back that same night.
    Again everyone I know that this is not free but this was the best that we could do so that southern california boaters could again dock at the yardhouse and enjoy the day.
    We will have control of these docks every weekend until after Labor day weekend except for the weekend of the Catalina Ski race. We will have them for the weekend of the Scope Poker Run so if you want to leave your boat in the water all three days you can do so.
    Again my contact information if you have any questions is
    Jeff Murray
    22139 Drover Way
    Canyon Lake, Calif 92587
    909-816-1101 cell

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    It is Sunday morning and we have gotten through our first day of the long beach docks. everything works smooth, just pull on up and take a dock. We will take a prepay for the first hour and then you straighten up with us after you are ready to leave. Have a great Memorial day and hope to see you all down there.

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    That is way cool bro... Glad to hear things went and are going well. We stopped going to Yard House because of the parking issue....

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    Steamin' Rice
    We ended up making a run from Newport up to the Yardhouse on Sat for lunch.. It was great having the docks back and not needing to worry about finding a place to park. We got a $6 discount on our lunch bill at the Yardhouse, so it ended up costing us $9 for the dock which was well worth it for me.
    Force26, nice to meet you on Sat - Thx for coming over and introducing yourself..

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