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Thread: Roosevelt RV park...

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    Anybody here ever frequent the RV park/resort at the east end of Roosevelt??
    Any opinions???

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    You mean the south end :argue: :crossx:

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    No I have not stayed there :idea: . But just for future knowledge I will have boat/rv storage avaliable along with camping sites with hook ups. I will have more details in a week or so. thanks Tim

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    Keep us informed Tim

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    You mean the south end :argue: :crossx:
    Don't make me get the map out... :crossx:
    I will definitily be interested Tim, let us know.

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    How far is Roosevelt from Queen Creek AZ?....v-drive

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    According to MapQuest it's just a hair under 100 miles. Take Highway 60 to Miami/Globe, then follow the signs to Roosevelt on hwy 188.
    There's also access to the north end of Apache from that direction as well.

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    We were there on sunday and it was nice. Alot smoother than saguaro but alot further :cry: I hate long ass drives. My only complaint was that we had no beach. It was mainly rocks and assholes on the socalled beach. I almost had to kick some punks asses. They were talking smack about my friends boat that we worked our asses off on. Other than that it was nice

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    Thanks for the input 396. Have you been to Bartlett....v-drive

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    Big Warlock
    I stayed at the resort / RV park. It was inexpensive and no frills. I would say below a motel 6, but clean and efficient.
    Rooms are large. Ours had two queens and a queen hide a bed. Showers are about chest high and hot water is a tight commodity. Cold showers are the norm. We brought our own blankets and comforter and pillows. A nice thing is you can park your boat right outside your room. A/C works great! They also have cabins and I think I would have opted for one of those.
    They have a restraunt and a bar. Not bad, b-fast was good.
    I would say go. But it is like camping. Resort would be a strong word. Lots of camping spaces. Lots of mobile homes and "permanent" campers. No Hilton points!!
    Lake is great. Good facilities and ramps. No waiting and ample parking. We plan on getting more people to meet us up there and boat and hang out. Some nice coves to hole up in.
    Hope that helps.

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