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Thread: Finally got a/c in the truck...

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    See the finished product right here. (
    Whatcha think?

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    Must suck to change the temperature while driving....

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    Thats Some Funny Sh*t Right There. Wouldnt Do It To My Truck But I Also Have Ac So Yeah. But Hey I Bet It Works Pretty Damn Good.

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    That's ghetto fabulous, I love it.

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    Now that's some of the best southern engineering if I ever seen.

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    That looks like its right out of the dukes of hazard

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    That there is funny
    :jawdrop: window air conditioner cut into the back of your truck :jawdrop: you maybe a redneck :jawdrop:

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    Dan Lorenze
    Great job.... You probably have enough cold air to make a cold air intake, just run some ducting through the firewall to the engine compartment... You'd take cold air intake to a new meaning....
    Very cool.... (and a bit funny)

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    The hell with the A/C! He needs to put a refrigerator in that truck and have frosty beers available 24/7!
    You ARE a redneck if...

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    Bet that guy shows up on Blue Collar tv next season. He's already had over 12000 hits on a board where the average is about 100!!

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