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Thread: I Hate Speedchannel!

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    O.K So I don't get my sunday morning fix of boat shows anymore, but this is the last straw. Tonight I come home from work and have to watch the 1979 Daytona 500. What is up?!

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    NASCAR dude, some people actually thinks it sucks. I can't form my own opinion though, I never watch it, I just stick a porn in.

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    i hear that!!! ever since speedvision became speed channel, all the boat stuff barely comes on. dont get me wrong, i love speed of any kind but reruns of old nascar races, and interviews blows. where the hell is ship shape tv too, john greviskis kicks ass. maybe nascar owns the new speedchannel. http://free.***

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    Actually fox now owns it and its purpose is nascar for that channel.

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    Yep I'm w/ you guy's I miss my drag boat fix on sunday morning.Maybe we need to start THE BOAT CHANNEL no commericals just boats and girls. What do ya think?

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    Heres one "California Hot Boat Tv" You could do a whole show right off this message board or go out and see what others are doing to there boats also engine build ups. Tips of the week, New saftey equip. cover some races. The possibilities are endless. This message board here says alone that you will have viewers. I could do at least 8 shows just out of my garage alone. we have everthing from street rods, corvettes, v-drives & jet boats.

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    We could put a live webcam in on my boat! hehe....

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    So, Froggy, would that then be the Playboy channel?

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    Even us nor'easter's need our off season TV boat fix. Don't you love those 1/2 hour comercials they call automative product showcase? Nothing gets me to change the channel quicker. IDEA - How about Larry Flint Publishing (LFP) buy the infomercials on Speed Channel and do some shows on real garage repairs like we have to do?

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