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Thread: What spark plugs do i use on my 460

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    The numbers on the heads looks like D3VE-A2A. Its mostly stock,600cfm (soon to be 750), Edelbrock torker intake. Just in case that info helps.... Also what gap should i be runnin? and finally, Any help on my other forum "Setting up 460 Ignition system" would be great.....

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    Autolite 25 or 26 plugs

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    Lakecrazy is correct Blue Ovals love autolite plugs, I ran 'em in my 500 inch progasser , never a problem.

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    What gap should i be runnin??

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    Depend's on what ignition you are running, stock or hei type the gap should be 35, mag will be tighter at about 20 or so.

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    My ignition is a Mallory electronic coil and dist. Whats HEI?
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    antrant, hei, is an ignition that has the coil built into the distributor, similar to your mallory in performance but not widely used in racing applications, the mallory you have is one I have used and still do on my lake boats, the plug gap I used for this ignition is .035, be sure to check the manufaturers instructions to see if a ballast resistor is required, because if it does and you don't have one you can destroy the module in your distributor, replacements are kind of pricey.

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