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Thread: Kings River Closed/Bass Lake Info

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    Sanger Pete
    I haven't seen it posted here, but I just read that the Kings River has been closed to all boating and swimming by Fresno and Tulare counties (below Reedley) because of the high water level, making room for anticipated snow melt, and the low water temps (44*) coming out of the bottom of Pine Flat. I heard that these restrictions could be in effect for some time.
    I also read that Bass Lake would be implementing a 40 mph speed limit this weekend along with any future holiday or other weekends when the sheriff dept decides the lake is too crowded. During these so-called "red flag" days, because of the red flag displayed at the ranger station, officers will have radar guns to cite speeders.
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    Sanger Pete

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    i hope that does not effect the end of july,im going up th bass for a wk.

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    Just Tool'n
    Bass lake has in enforce 40MPH limit on all boats during the summer, Kings river is closed from Riverland up top Reedly beach.

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    That would be correct on the speed limit at Bass....New Law enacted by the Loacls that don't even own boats at the lake , I have family with houses there, it started last year, everybody who bought annual pass for bass was allowded too vote... however Sheriff's didn't want everybody too know about it. only the local Homeowners recieved voting form in the mail NON-RESIDENT"S had too request voting form from Bass Lake Homeowners ASSociation. All concerned info approved by PG&E and enforced by Madera Finest. Red FLAG at the sheriff's DISCRETION...on ALL Holiday weekend's and when the declare it. After 10:00 am on weekday's you still MAY have an oppurnity to open it up from 8:00 to 10:00 weekday's and non-holiday weekend' local law enforcement to get this repealed.....if they want tooo provide info comes from local Volunteer Police who has lived there for 40 years....but he can't legally comment in public....wedge look at NEW boating rules

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