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Thread: Oldsmobile Tunnel Ram

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    I have a freshly built 455 olds in my boat and wondered if anyone makes a tunnel ram for it. Im currently running an Edelbrock performer manifold and 850cfm Demon carb. It runs terrific but Im wondering if I would gain any performance with a tunnel ram versus the performer manifold?

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    If you check back this question went through a month ago or so. Offy and Mondello have tunnel rams. Heres my 2cents worth;
    Tunnel rams are made for high rpm operation, 4500-7000 now there may be some jets operating in this range but damn few. this manifold lacks signal and velocity in the 3-5500 rpm range that most jet boats live. I run a torquer with a 850 double pumper. This seems to be a good compromise between mileage & Performance. My own opinion(no Dyno Results to back it up) is that 90% of the tunnel rams out there are for looks. aka a penis extender, mental masterbation ect.

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    There is a site where a perfomer, tunnel ram and another were tested side by side. The performer was the best up to about 6000 rpm the the tunnel was a little better above that. Maybe someone will post that link again.

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    Shoot, I wanted to put one of those penis extenders on my 460. I think they look cool.
    Oh well......

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    Oldfart im shocked I have a tunnel ram on my boat and it didn't help my penis any.

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    The cool factor does play in. I might get one even if I lost a couple mph.hehe

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    I'm with ya on that one 77Spectra....

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    [90% of the tunnel rams out there are for looks. aka a penis extender, mental masterbation ect
    Hey Guys
    I originally posted the who makes a tunnel question.
    I ended up with the offenhauser 360 degree
    Its on a more or less stock Olds 455
    I have a mild "(RV) they call it" Cam.
    I was running small block before so I
    can,t compare performance but holy crap
    does it look cool!
    No poopin guys the boat totally went from just another decent jet to some kind of
    dragster looking thing.
    the speed is good fast enough for me
    and fast enough to scare the poop out
    of most people!
    Tunnels away~!

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    It sounds like the tunnel ram wont give me any more performance. Ill admit that they look cool and that is part of the reason I'd like one. I didnt know there was a Torquer manifold for 455s either. Is there a Victor Junior also?

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    Is there a Victor Junior also?[/B][/QUOTE]
    Sorry Victor not available for Olds.
    Edelbrock and Offenhauser have the most
    to offer.
    Mondello also makes intakes but they are twice the price.

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