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Thread: Spring Problems!!!!!

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    Well, I just got the boat out of the barn last week and all it has done here is rain ever since. Finally we have a nice day so I go down to my buddy's shop where I brought the boat to get it running. I uncouple the jet and fire the motor, Runs like a top (and by the way it's an olds ). Shut down the engine and decide to turn the pump by hand, well what do you know I hear a grinding noise cumming from the pump. I remove the inspection cover and notice the impeller is cracked about 3/8" from the edge all the way around except for where the viens are . Has anyone ever seen this type of thing before? I would post pics., but the digital camera is also screwed up. By the way the pump was rebuilt last spring, new impeller and all, and ran perfect all year. Thanks for any input. Also if I'm going to take this thing apart again this year I might as well put on a split bowl if I can find one, so if any one has a spare they would like to sell reasonable please PM me. Thanks again, Steve

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    I had an aftermarket impeller do that to me. It had a groove machined in the wear ring area where it cracked maybe 270 degrees around. :burningm: Had to buy another impeller.

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    2 of them with a jacuzzi. they go on a taper and if over tightened they crack at the keyway :jawdrop:

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