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    I've just moved from a '90 21 Daytona (GT200 Johnson ) to a '91 22 Daytona
    tall deck with a 454/Bravo 1. The old o/b boat ran mid 70's everyday, handle very crisp and really responded to trim well. The new (to me) 22 feels like a yacht compared to the 21.
    When I bought the boat I was told it was a 350hp 454. It has a Holley DP on it and what sounds like a tame cam, stock mercrusier exh manifolds, thru hull only. It has a 1.5 Bravo 1 drive and a Mirage 25p prop. I'm getting 50 mph at around 4200, not exactly what I expected. It does not respond to trim like my old boat. I get alot of porpoise and the prop will blow out if I punch it out of the hole, trim all the way down.
    This Mirage prop is a little ratty looking, could that slow it down alot?
    Should I investigate a 4 blade Bravo to get the bow up and control the blow out?
    Any idea what I should see in this boat with around 350 hp? I thought it would run closer to 70. The motor sounds good, has good midrange but nothing on top. It apparently only has 90 hours on it.
    The boat originally came from Tennessee and had a twin turbo setup.
    I was told the guy grenaded that motor and replaced it with what it has now.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated, before I drop big $$ for a nice blower motor ;-)

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    i have a '03 22 w/496ho and a bravo 4 blade 26" that runs 78mph on gps speedo - i had a 19 w/2.5os and i know what u r feeling. the 22 is bigger and heavier in EVERY way. it will hop until u get enouhg air under it to hold it up(that will happen at about 85mph and above). your 454 won't turn a 26" - looka ta a 22/24" 4blade. the blow out is because of the X demension - does the drive stop the rubrail from wrapping aroud the back? if so, it is the same as mine, and the 4 blade will help, but my blows just as it rolls over, but hooks back up right away. hope this helps!

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