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    Hello all, I have a Little problem I have gone through 2 steering cables on my jet boat in 3 trips to the river. I have a rack and pinion style cable. I just noticed today that there seems to be a lot of sand and water getting in the end of the cable, is there a seal on the big nut on the sleeve that goes though the transom or is it ok for water to go up the cable? thanks in advance Robert

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    When replacing the steering it is a good idea to replace it all.
    On my jet I make sure there is a upward section that is higher than the water line so water only get so far anyway. It doesnt need to be far up, just over the water line at rest with a slight down angle to let water out. I also lube up the end with marine grade grease to help keep all the junk out. As far as I know the cable just rides in and out of the sleeve. No seal except where it goes thru the transom. ANd I think that is an O ring.

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    Ok its wierd there is alot of sand in the end of the cable just passed the nut on the side that is outside the boat, I see a zerk fitting there and I put a squirt of grease in it before I go out but know it seems to just have sand and water in there

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    the transom tube is approx 7/8 dia and on my cable it is approx 5/8 dia so I slid a piece of 5/8 heater hose over the cable and up onto the tube, so its half on the tube and half rubbing the cable, and its kind of a 29 cent seal. it just rubs a bit on the cable and stops all the debris and most water from coming up the cable. Got 4 1/2 yrs on this cable.

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    Thanks for all the Info i wonder if there is some kind of special transom tube I can buy, if not i should invent one that is fully sealed :P ....Robert

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    some jets used a black rubber bellows that clamps to the tube and to the cable to seal out water.

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    some jets used a black rubber bellows that clamps to the tube and to the cable to seal out water.
    Fantastic Idea thanks so much.....Robert

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    or... second pic down on the right... (

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    will the steering tube seal nut work on a steering tube set up for a jacuzzi?
    My tube is not theaded all the way back. Thanks

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    or... second pic down on the right... (
    Thats perfect I will order one Monday thanks alot

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