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Thread: Anna Action Pics

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    Wet Dream
    FANTASTIC weekend guys. What a great way to spend time with other jetters. All you guys are great. At the aerial pic, 42 +/- high performance boats were counted. As the day went on, about 15 - 20 more were spotted.

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    Oh my ****ing god!!!!! I think I am really having a wetdream. I really got to give it up to wet, Those are some of the tightest ****ing pics I have ever seen!!!!! You are now the rooster god in my book just for placing pics like those in here. If you have more please post them up.

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    Oh I almost forgot one thing. What and the hell does the guy in the top pic have for lift on the nozzle? He is throwing the meanest tail I have ever seen. I just want to know what I need to do to my set up to make my tail that high. I like speed dont get me wrong but I will take a 5mph lost for a tail like that. That looks like a rooster booster and 2-4 degree wedges.

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    Not Anna, but couldnt resist!
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    Yo 1000mhz I think you need to try again bro. I dont see a pic unless I am starting to get allergic to looking. J/K bro

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    fat rat
    Those are some awsome pic's Wet.......can you post more?

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