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Thread: This will make you cream

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    To make cream cheese you will need:
    2 cups whole milk
    2 cups heavy cream
    1 ounce mesophillic starter or 1/8 packet Instant Starter
    1 drop rennet
    Butter muslin (N.E. Cheese Making Supply has this also)
    Put the milk and cream in a plastic, stainless, or crockery bowl. Add the starter and stir well. Add the drop of rennet and stir about 30 seconds then cover with lid or plastic wrap. Set the bowl where it will stay at about 70 degrees overnight. If your house is cool, put it in the oven with the light on and this should do the trick.
    The next day, the mixture should be "set" and jiggle like milk jello. Carefully pour into a butter-muslin lined colander and allow to drain in the sink. As the whey drains off, you may want to turn the cheese onto fresh muslin so that the top drains faster. I usually flip the mass over onto a new section of muslin and reposition it in the colander. You will know when it is time to flip the cheese because the muslin will easily pull away from the firming curd mass.
    Allow the cheese to drain until it is fairly firm and no longer dripping, this will take a few hours, be patient. Turn it into a bowl and add salt to taste. It is now ready to eat or mix with other tasty ingredients.
    One thing to remember when working with cheese is that it is alive. You want to be scrupulous about cleanliness, but careful not to kill the kindly bacteria that are doing their magic with the milk. NEVER get bleach near your cultures or milk, but you can use bleach to clean surfaces and utensils. Just be very careful about rinsing it all off with fresh water. Don't use wooden spoons, they harbor wild bacteria. Stainless steel or plastic for stirring is best and stainless steel or crockery bowls. Never use aluminum or anything with cracks. Making cheese is fun and people have been making cheese for thousands of years. Maintain reasonable cleanliness and your cheese will come out fine.

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    That sounds complicated. Much simpler to cut the cheese.

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    whoever smelt it delt it!

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