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Thread: I need help/Alan Stoker please read this

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    :lightsabe :lightsabe Hi, we own a 1987 Switzercraft GL-21 powered by a 1995 OMC Closed Deck V-8. It is mounted to the transom on a CMC Stainles Steel Powered Jack Plate. Recently I purchased a 4 blade 27 pitch Renegade prop for it. This thing is a pig comming out of the hole. It was last year too when I had a 3 blade 28 pitch prop on it. When I first purchased the boat it had a Land & Sea cluch prop and hydrofoils bolted to the anti ventilation plate. At this time she seemed to get out of the whole ok. Today with this new prop I had to give it all it had, then a few minute later you could feel the prop spin then grab (a very hard grab), and this would happen a couple of times before finally leveling off.The engine's anti ventilation plate, at it lowest setting with the jack plate is about 1 inch above the bottom of the boat. The motor is equipped with a Land & Sea nose cone with low water pick-ups.Do i need to add a hydrofoil to this thing? And it just seems low on power until the boat levels off, then its get up and go time. Now for the people out there not familiar with a Switzercraft, the hull design is very similar to that of an Allison Boat. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Tom Arambasich. :cry: P.S. I can be reached at, again thanks.

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    Tom, first off the 8 was never built as a closed deck thats the 6 cyl. It sounds like you have an engine problem and it should be checked. I have found the renegade to not work well with the larger v8 lower unit. The bravo 1 is a good prop for that unit but will need 5/8 to 3/4 vent holes added, I would say a 26.

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    Racer, believe me I know what a closed deck motor is, and for about 4 years I was told that the closed deck V-8 was never built. I have probably the only one in existance. If you like, go to our Switzercraft Sites on Yahoo Groups and you will see a picture of it next to my 3.6 open deck V-8. Or if you wish, write me at and I will send you a picture of it with the heads off. Tom Arambasich. :crossx: :220v: :argue:

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    Here's a link to the Switzercraft Reunion Regatta site, there you should be able to find the picture I told you about. And feel free to attend our Switzer Reunion, all Hot Boaters are invited. :crossx: :220v: :boxed:

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    :crossx: :220v: :boxed: I just went to check out to see if I put pictures on our Regatta Site and they were not there. Go to and the very first pic is the one of the 2 powerheads.

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    :rollside: :crossx: I forgot to add that since the first time I wrote you we found out that the timing was wayyyyy off. After bringing it into spec the bottom end, out of the hole improved. But as far as going to a 26 pitch,right now I am pushing about 7200 RPM's with the 27 and that's with 3 men in the boat. At present I am planning on buying an EFI unit from MADEFI.COM for the V-8. A friend of mine bought one for his and it worked out great and gave him plenty of hole shot. I have been advised with the new fuel system that I should go to a 30 or 32 pitch 4 blade to get the RPM's within range. By any chance have you check out the pics on my web site? I would really like your opinion on my motor. Tom Arambasich

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