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Thread: Total Domination

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    For a second there I think raff and I had total control of the Sandbar! :supp:

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    Amazing what you can do when the post wh*res are out of town.

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    Yes we are taking CONTROL WHHOOOOO HOOOOO

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    ok, the idea is to get a post on every thread, take a pic of it, and then post it on-line

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    Records will be set...for the fewest views!!
    This place tonight is kinda like boating on Mead....."look, another boat".
    Think I'll have a beer!

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    we had a post on every thread AND originated every thread and I couldn't figre out how to get a screen shot and I come back and YOU were in the song chain.

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    sorry, been there, done that, I will stop if ya want :wink:

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    Think I'll have a beer!
    Good idea. I think I need another one.

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    stop dont stop dont stop dont stop

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    Good idea. I think I need another one.
    So last night I decide to have a few beers...something I haven't really done in about six months (self-imposed diet thing). So I go to grab a sixer, and promptly drop it!!!
    Guess I was a bit rusty. Tonight I seem to have a better handle on things, so to speak!

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